Birch Tree Psychotherapy offers personalized Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching. Are you struggling with meals? Are you having a hard time completing tasks? Do you need an accountability partner? Do you need a little extra help to maintain an outpatient level of care? If so, a Recovery Coach may be a valuable addition to your treatment team.

Recovery Coaching different than therapy and is focused on offering support to teens and adults in treatment for eating disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. We offer individualized services such as meal support, environmental support, and support for therapy homework. Our experienced recovery coach, Kimmy Morrison, has worked in both higher levels of care and outpatient therapy. She provides individual, family, and group coaching virtually, in the Chicago Loop, and in South Barrington.

All of our services are offered from an intersectional feminist, HAES-informed framework, integrating your therapy goals with hands-on support.

Services Offered

  • Meal Support (e.g., meals, snacks, meal outings, family meal coaching)
  • Environmental Support (e.g., assistance with self-care/maintenance of home environment)
  • Support for Therapy Homework Goals (e.g., social/community integration, clothes shopping, mindful movement, fear foods and experiences, cooking.

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