Anti-Fat Implicit Bias training for healthcare providers

Beyond Bodies in the Room: Addressing Anti-Fat Implicit bias in Clinical Work

Dr. Catharine Devlin and Dr. Andrea Seefeldt specialize in treating eating disorders – within a Heath at Every Size (HAES) framework – and are committed to their mission of providing size-inclusive care. With a goal of improving access to and quality care, they have been focusing on promoting size-inclusivity among their peers. As such, they have developed this Anti-Fat Implicit Bias Training to educate other health and mental health professions about anti-fat implicit bias and help providers learn to mitigate the effects of these biases on the clients and patients in their care.

Dr. Andrea Seefeldt
Dr. Andrea SeefeldtLicensed Clinical Psychologist, CEDS
Chicago Center for Evidenced-Based Treatment
Dr. Catharine Devlin
Dr. Catharine DevlinLicensed Clinical Psychologist, CEDS-C
Birch Tree Psychotherapy


This seminar is intended for health and mental health providers who have a desire to be more aware of their own biases, understand how these biases impact their clinical work, and improve their clinical outcomes. The presenters are happy to connect directly with treatment facilities, training programs, clinics, and private practices to provide this course to their staff and students.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the research on implicit bias and anti-fat implicit bias
  • Define anti-fat implicit bias as it applies to clinical work
  • Identify strategies for developing awareness of own implicit biases
  • Apply evidence-based interventions to mitigate the negative impact of anti-fat implicit bias

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Programs and facilities that are interested in bringing this training to their organization may contact Drs Devlin and Seefeldt directly to discuss pricing and availability.

Dr. Catharine Devlin: 773-417-9349;
Dr. Andrea Seefeldt: