Birch Tree Psychotherapy provides weight-neutral nutrition counseling services to clients with eating disorders or other nutrition and body image-related concerns. No matter where you are in your treatment process, we will meet for an initial consultation to help you decide your next step.

Individualized Nutrition Counseling 

We know that finding a peaceful relationship can be a difficult journey for many people. It’s common to feel overwhelmed or confused about what to eat, especially when bombarded with conflicting information from various sources. That’s why our nutrition team aims to develop an individualized plan to help you learn to trust and listen to your internal cues and make unconditional peace with food (Intuitive Eating). Our registered and board-certified dietitians will assist you with non-diet and weight-neutral approaches to eating while supporting you with personalized meal planning and gentle nutrition support.

Nutrition for Every BODY!

Our dietitians practice a size-inclusive, weight-neutral, and non-diet approach to nutrition. Through this approach, we prioritize clients’ overall well-being and mental health, independent of body size and understanding while challenging the oppressive systems of anti-fatness and healthism. We believe in affirming and equitable treatment for all persons and all bodies.

What We Treat 

We provide specialized nutrition support in the following areas:

  • Eating disorders (Anorexia, Binge eating, bulimia, OSFED, ARFID, and more)
  • Adolescent health and nutrition
  • Intuitive/ Mindful Eating
  • Interrupting cycles of dieting
  • Improving your relationship with food and body image
  • Integrating joyful movement/exercise
  • Meal planning and implementation
  • General Health and Wellness

Our nutrition approach aids you in the journey to trusting your body, and giving your body the nourishment, it needs. We will help you to reconnect to your body’s physical sensations, appetite awareness, satisfaction, and gentle nutrition principles. Please read below to learn more about the various components of our nutrition support at Birch Tree Psychotherapy.

Initial Assessment

Your individualized treatment will start by meeting with one of our dietitians for a nutrition assessment, where we will discuss your personal goals and understand more about your history and relationship to food. Our first session will focus on your relationship with food and what led to you reaching out for nutrition counseling. We will explore pertinent medical history, eating patterns, and routines while identifying your nutrition counseling goals.

Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up nutrition counseling sessions are highly individualized and frequently include a combination of nutrition education, goal setting, and other interventions. They may be conducted individually and may also include other support people or family members. We collaborate with your individual therapist and your physicians to provide comprehensive, quality care.