Meal Coaching Group

Are you looking for help in your relationship with movement?

Our relationships with our bodies can often be fraught and movement gets co-opted by and tangled up in diet culture. Birch Tree Psychotherapy is teaming up with WHP Studios to offer an experiential/process group to help participants reclaim their relationships with their bodies and find belonging in fitness spaces. In this 8-week group, participants will work hands-on with a therapist and fitness coach to address their relationship with movement. Participants will be guided through moving their bodies while receiving therapeutic support and processing emotional challenges and triggers that arise.

In this group, you can:

  • develop and foster a positive relationship with movement
  • learn to listen to your body and move in ways that feel good to you
  • meet others with similar experiences and struggles
  • connect with the joy of movement


Kimmy Morrison, Ms.Ed.

Kimmy is an eating disorder counselor and recovery coach with Birch Tree Psychotherapy. Kimmy loves helping individuals on their eating disorder recovery journeys. She approaches treatment from a Health at Every Size (HAES) framework and enjoys working with issues related to body image, self-esteem, perfectionism, identity development, fertility, and anxiety and depression. She has particular interest in body liberation and working with clients in larger bodies.

Kimmy Morrison - Chicago Eating Disorder Recovery Counselor

Dana Buccheri, NASM CPT, CES

Dana is a HAES-aligned, trauma-informed Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with WHP Studios. Dana approaches her work from a body-liberation, feminist approach. She specializes in working with women and works extensively with those in recovery from eating disorders and working on their relationship with movement. She is also certified in pre and post-natal pregnancy training


This group is size inclusive, HAES-Aligned and Trauma-Informed.

Open to women and gender expansive folx.

Cost: $50 session

We will be offering this group in the winter of 2024. Times and dates TBD. Feel free to reach out if you would like to be put on our wait list for the group.

WHP Studios
5547 N Ravenswood Ave
Chicago, IL 60640