Eating Disorder Treatment

At Birch Tree Psychotherapy, we specialize in treating people with eating disorders and other nutrition and body image concerns, within a Health At Every Size (HAES) framework. No matter where you are in your treatment process, we will meet for an initial consultation to help you decide your next step.
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Eating Disorder Services

Anxiety & OCD

At Birch Tree Psychotherapy, we understand anxiety. A certain level of anxiety is healthy, even motivating. When it gets above a certain point, it affects your life. We offer outpatient OCD and anxiety disorder treatment, assessment, and consultation, utilizing evidenced based practice, such as ACT, CBT, and ERP.
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Anxiety Services

Child & Family Therapy

It can be difficult for your entire family when your child is struggling. As child, adolescent, and family therapists, we have expertise in helping get your family life back on track. We help families in the Chicago and Northwest Suburban areas with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues.
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Child & Family Therapy

Groups and Classes

At Birch Tree Psychotherapy, we offer psychoeducational classes and groups online and in both our Chicago Loop and Northwest Suburban locations.  Groups are limited in size and are offered on a rotating schedule.
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Group Therapy

Online Therapy

We are now offering telehealth sessions, through video and telephone platforms, for people residing in Illinois. Group, individual, and family therapy is available through our secure, HIPPAA compliant service and can be billed to insurance.
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Online Therapy

Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching different than therapy and is focused on offering support to teens and adults in treatment for eating disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. We offer individualized services such as meal support, environmental support, and support for therapy homework. Learn more about Recovery Coaching.

HAES Treatment